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The Dangers Of Rats and Mice

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The dangers of rats and mice in Illinois and Indiana by Anderson Pest Solutions - serving the greater Chicago area

Rats and mice have always been an issue for humans. Rodents in general are extremely adaptable creatures and expert scavengers.

Like humans, rats need food, water, and shelter to survive. By burrowing underneath buildings or taking up residence in walls, attics, and basements, they can remain safe from predators while keeping close to a constant food source – your garbage. Leaving trash in unsealed plastic receptacles is akin to laying out a buffet; in addition to eating pet food and rotten leftovers, rodents have been known to eat their own feces and cannibalize their dead if necessary.

Rodents Breed Very Quickly

Once rats find an ideal environment, they will breed like crazy. Though the average lifespan for a rat is approximately one year, female rats are able to produce as many as six litters of 10-12 pups in that time. Each of those rats will reach sexual maturity in just over a month, allowing them to repeat the process over and over to inflate the rat colony’s numbers to ridiculous proportions. Given enough space and food, two rats can quickly become 2,000 rats in a little over a year.

Rats and Mice Carry Disease

Rats may look furry and cute, but the potential health risks they pose are no joke. Rat populations are breeding grounds for disease, some of which can be transferred to humans through their feces and urine. Pregnant women and young children have an increased risk of adverse health effects, ranging from severe illness or developmental defects in newborns to asthma attacks and allergic reactions in children who come into contact with rat droppings.

Rats can also inflict critical damage on structures as well. They can burrow into foundations, making them dangerously unstable, and can chew through electrical or fiber-optic wiring, as well as other building materials like wood, plastic, and aluminum siding. In fact, it’s been claimed that almost 25 percent of “unexplained wildfires” start from rodents chewing on something.

Trust the Rodent Extermination Experts

Living with a rat infestation is dangerous and unsanitary. In order to keep your family, employees, or customers safe, you need an effective rodent management plan that can get rid of these disease-carrying pests for good. Our expert technicians are trained in the latest rodent control techniques and will work closely with you to keep your home or business rodent-free all year long. If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, contact us today for a free inspection.

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The Dangers Of Rats and Mice Serving Illinois and Indiana

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