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Deer Mouse vs House Mouse

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What house mice look like in Illinois & Indiana - Anderson Pest SolutionsThere are multiple species of mice living in Indiana and Illinois, but deer mice and house mice are the two most commonly faced by our customers. Because these two different kinds of mice have different characteristics and habits, we have to deal with them accordingly. Being able to identify the mice that you’ve found on your property will help you address the problem more efficiently and return to mice-free living! Read on to learn more about deer mouse vs house mouse qualities with the rodent control team at Anderson Pest Solutions!

Deer Mouse vs House Mouse: How to Tell the Difference

There are a few key differences to take into account when determining whether you have deer mice vs house mice in your home. Look out for these features to help you tell them apart:

  • Size: Deer mice are generally larger than house mice, sometimes reaching over 7 inches in length. House mice are between 3-5 inches in length on average.
  • Color: Deer mice are more likely to be noticeably multicolored, with darker shades of brown on top fading into a lighter underbelly. House mice can sometimes have a similar coloration, but are more often one solid color.
  • Other features: In proportion to their bodies, house mice have larger ears, eyes, and tails than deer mice.
  • Habitat: House mice are more likely to live in more densely populated areas than deer mice. You’re more likely to experience a deer mouse infestation if you have a larger yard or open space nearby.

Deer mice vs house mice in Indiana & Illinois - Anderson Pest Solutions

Why Do I Have Mice?

The reasons why you might have deer mice vs house mice vary slightly due to their preferences for their food and habitat. If you have holes leading from the outside of your home to the inside, especially if they lead to areas where they can access food, it will be easy for you to develop a house mouse infestation. These mice often live in areas packed with people so they can hide in their homes and travel close distances from their nest to their food source.

On the other hand, deer mice like to hoard their food near their nest. These more reclusive mice are more likely to nest outdoors and at a greater distance from civilization. If you have overgrown plants, openings in trees, or abandon nests from other nests in your yard, it can easily attract deer mice.

Mouse Control for Deer Mice and House Mice

Both of these species of mice are capable of carrying ticks, fleas, and lice, as well as bacteria and disease. For reliable rodent control services in Illinois & Indiana, reach out to our team at Anderson Pest Solutions. We have targeted removal strategies for deer mice and house mice and can help you prevent mouse infestations going forward. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Deer Mouse vs House Mouse Serving Illinois and Indiana

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