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Keeping Rats and Mice Out Of Your Home in by Anderson Pest Solutions - Serving Indiana, Illinois, and the greater Chicago areaFrom its aging infrastructure and plentiful food supply to weather changes and animal feces, numerous factors make the Midwest an inviting place for rats and mice to call home. Although rats have fairly short life spans of a year or less, they reproduce rapidly and often. Between environmental factors and the rodents’ high fertility rates, it’s easy to see why these creepy critters are a little too abundant for comfort.

Household Dangers caused By Rats and Mice

Even worse, rats and mice pose a health threat to people and other animals. Mouse droppings and bodily fluids can spread a potentially deadly respiratory illness called hantavirus. And during wet weather, the family dog is susceptible to a rat-borne bacterial disease, as well as the many others they’re exposed to from the variety of pests roaming the Midwest.

Protect Your Home

You can make your own home less attractive to mice and rats. Rats can make their way into quarter-sized openings, while mice can squeeze into dime-sized holes. Seal up any gaps in your home’s walls and foundation to help keep rodents out. Clear any dog waste immediately, and store opened packages of food in sealed containers. If you see droppings or tooth marks on food containers after taking these precautions, call in the professionals.

Anderson Pest Solutions Takes on Rodents

The Midwest’s rodent problem may be daunting, but you don’t have to let it endanger your household. Anderson Pest Solutions provides thorough, effective pest control in the Midwest. Ask about preventive measures or treatment to eliminate an existing or possible rodent problem today.

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Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home Serving Illinois and Indiana

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