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Learn how to identify spider bites in Illinois and Indiana - Anderson Pest SolutionsWe’ve all heard the myth that spiders like to bite people when they’re asleep. The truth is, spiders rarely bite. Although most spiders have venom and fangs, most are not large enough to inflict any serious harm to humans. Most spiders are more interested in attacking bugs than they are humans, but they will still bite humans when they feel threatened.

When to Worry About a Spider Bite

Almost all spiders have the ability to bite, but many are too small or not venomous enough to cause harm unless the individual is allergic. However, there are two species of spiders that have bites that are known to cause moderate to severe reactions: The brown recluse (or violin spider) and the black widow. The majority of spider bites are harmless, only causing temporary redness, swelling, or itchiness around the bite. However, in the case of a more serious spider bite, it is important to know the next steps to take—usually, seeking immediate medical attention.

Specified Spider Bite Identification

It can be hard to assess spider bite symptoms. Identifying spider bites is made difficult by the similarities of other types of bites, such as ticks’ and fleas’. Even some misdiagnosed skin infections have been accused of being the result of a serious spider bite. In the case that you witness a spider biting someone or someone suspects that they may be suffering from a bite, the following spider bite symptoms may be present:

  1. Black widow spider bites
    • Faint redness and swelling
    • Profuse sweating
    • Severe pain or cramping in the abdomen
    • Intensified stiffness and pain (within an hour) around the bite
  2. Brown recluse spider bites
    • Mild stinging
    • Intense pain and redness (within 8 hours)
    • A red ring around the bite and purple or dark blue coloring
    • Deep open sores or ulcers and necrosis (dying tissue)
  3. Woodlouse spider bites
    • Minor pain and itching
    • Less than an hour of persistent symptoms
    • Small red bump caused by puncture of skin

If you or someone you know is experiencing severe symptoms believed to be related to a recent spider bite, seek medical attention right away.

How to Treat Spider Bites

Most spider bites from harmless spiders result in a minor bump that will likely go away in a few days. They can be cared for at home by icing the bite and elevating the bitten area to reduce swelling. In the case of serious symptoms, it’s always important to seek medical attention. Spiders are harmless for the most part, but there are times when they will bite, whether it’s on accident or as a form of defense. Although spider bites are often misdiagnosed, it’s beneficial to know the signs and symptoms of bites, and when to seek medical attention.

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Spider Bite Identification Serving Illinois and Indiana

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