Aw, Rats! How to Remove Rodents from Your Yard

Besides being a nuisance for homeowners, rodents can cause significant property damage. Prevention is the first step to keeping your home safe. The three most common types of rodents in Illinois [...]

Pests That Swarm in Spring

Springtime in Chicago is one of the most beautiful times of the year. As the weather begins to warm, bringing the freshness of spring and the trees and flowers will begin waking up from their [...]

Are Kissing Bugs Dangerous?

Despite their name, kissing bugs are anything but romantic. These tiny pests are notorious for leaving tiny bites on people in the middle of the night – typically around the mouth area, hence [...]

TAP® Pest Control Insulation: What You Need to Know

If you’ve been looking into pest control techniques in Illinois and Indiana, you may have heard of TAP Insulation. It’s a specialized service offered by only a select group of [...]

Birds in Illinois: A Business’s Worst Nightmare

Most of us don’t see birds in the same light as rodents and other pests. We may even try to attract them by placing birdbaths or bird feeders in our yards. But if you own a business, [...]

Are Centipedes Dangerous? The Truth Behind this Creepy Crawler

Among the creepy pests out there, the centipede may be one of the most chill-inducing. While we’re lucky the species found in Wheeling, IL is not of the Amazonian foot-long variety, we [...]

Coming in from the Cold: Overwintering Habits of Illinois Pests

It may not feel like it in the upper Midwest right now, but summer is quickly coming to an end. For many, this is an exciting time of year: The days get shorter, leaves turn wonderful colors, and [...]

Wasps! What Are They Good For? (Absolutely Something)

We’ve previously written about the movement to save important pollinators like bees, and maybe that article caused you to think twice about breaking out the insecticide in your Illinois garden. [...]

Fighting Back Against Mosquitoes in Illinois and Abroad

Summer is in full swing, with people in Illinois and all over the country getting outside and soaking up some sun. Unfortunately, with the arrival of warm weather comes one major downside: [...]

What It’s Really Like As an Illinois Fly On the Wall

Ever had a fly land on your face when you’re talking? It’s pretty revolting, isn’t it? These pests have no regard for your personal bubble. They fly around your face, land on [...]

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