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Among the creepy pests out there, the centipede may be one of the most chill-inducing. While we’re lucky the species found in Wheeling, IL is not of the Amazonian foot-long variety, we could happily go our whole lives without seeing one. But are these centipedes actually dangerous? The pest control team at Anderson Pest Solutions has the answer.

Just How Dangerous Are Centipedes?

The common house centipede does possess a weapon that’s deadly to its prey: its venomous bite. A gland beneath its fangs produces a toxin that the arthropod injects into insects, worms, and spiders. Luckily, the venom in its bite is not strong enough to pose a threat to humans. However, its bite can be as painful as a bee sting. Some people have reactions to centipede bites, including sweating, nausea, swelling near the bite, and swollen lymph nodes. Those with other insect allergies may have more serious symptoms after a centipede bite. If you experience fever, weakness, chills, or major swelling, seek medical help right away.

Interesting Centipede Facts

Despite their name, these creepy critters don’t necessarily have 100 legs. In fact, these arthropods have odd numbers of legs ranging from 15 to 177. But no matter the number, their legs can regenerate, which is chilling enough. Although the insect-eating centipede you’re likely to spot in Wheeling, IL measures about an inch in length, a foot-long species found in South America dines on small reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.

Centipede Infestations

Like many pests, the centipede is attracted to moisture in the home. Basements prone to taking on water are a common problem. Plumbing leaks and inadequate bathroom ventilation are also centipede magnets. And that dead vegetation or pile of leaves you meant to burn? Remove them, or at least move them away from the house, pronto. Insects are a major food source for the house centipede, so ward off both types of invader with a treatment plan from your local pest control professionals.

From their multi-legged bodies to their fast-paced scurry, centipedes have a myriad of ways to creep us out. And there is some bite behind their bark; while usually not life-threatening, the toxins in their venom can produce painful reactions. Don’t let these prehistoric-looking arthropods endanger your household; take our advice to prevent them from entering your Wheeling, IL home. And if you find yourself the victim of a centipede infestation, contact the pest control team at Anderson Pest Solutions today for a free quote.

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