What Does Termite Damage Look Like?

What does termite damage look like in Indiana and Illinois; Anderson Pest SolutionsTermite damage can appear in a number of ways. For the most part, the damaged wood will appear hollowed-out or weakened in general. Damaged wood, whether it be in your support beams or patio deck, is the top sign of termite damage.

If a termite colony has been infesting a property for more than a few years, the signs of termite damage will begin to develop. Termite damage can manifest in several ways, but the main signs include:

  • Cracks on internal walls, ceiling beams, or rafters
  • Bubbled or sagging areas in the floor
  • Floorboards/baseboards feeling weak or sounding hollow
  • Broken roof tiles
  • Doors and windows sticking

What Does Termite Damage Look Like on Wood?

Termites tunnel through wood to infest cellulose, a fiber within wood. This causes the wood to become brittle and hollow. When termites infest wood out in your backyard the piles of wood or timber will look like they’ve been completely carved or tunneled-through. In some cases, wood shavings may appear, and wood will be left looking somewhat splintered. In long-term cases, wood can begin to look warped or bent, which is sometimes confused for water damage. In any circumstance, seeing wood damage is a bad sign that you have a mature termite infestation.

Where Do You See Termite Damage?

Termites infest the structure of your home. So where does the damage begin to show up? Most often, termite damage will be within your walls or close to the foundation in the case for subterranean termites. Some of these spots are: 

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Foam insulation
  • Slabs
  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Tiling
  • Windows

How to Find Termite Damage

As soon as you think you’ve seen termite damage in or around your home or business in the Midwest, it’s time to call your local termite exterminators. At Anderson Pest Solutions, our experts will thoroughly inspect your home or business to determine the location of the termite damage.