Lawn & Garden Termite Prevention

Lawn and Garden termite prevention in Indiana and Illinois; Anderson Pest Solutions Termites are infamous for infesting homes, but they will gladly infest your front or backyard as well. Termites are always on the hunt for wood, making many items in your lawn or garden susceptible to their activity, including your porch, shed, and more.

Preventing termites in your garden and yard requires many of the same methods as preventing them in your home. This includes getting rid of excess moisture and decaying or rotten wood, as well as having regular inspections from a professional pest control company.

Tips to Prevent Termites Outdoors

Termites can just as easily infest your backyard as they would your home. This makes it important to learn how to keep them away. The best tips to prevent a termite infestation in your lawn, garden, or yard include:

  1. Termites will target rotten tree roots, dead trees, decaying logs, and the like. Make sure to promptly remove any rotten wood.
  2. Never let piles of firewood touch the soil in your yard. Instead, make sure to store them several inches above the ground and away from your home.
  3. Moist, wet environments are extremely suited for termites. Promptly fix any moisture or drainage issues.
  4. Work with a professional pest control company to apply treatment and, if possible, have support beams touching concrete rather than the soil.

Termite Control for Backyards

Termite treatment in your yard is safe and effective. In fact, many of the pest control industry’s best termite treatments are applied in discreet areas around your home, which helps to prevent termites outside. When you already have an infestation, it’s best to call a pest control company that knows how to properly treat your yard without killing off your garden. The exterminators at Anderson Pest Solutions can help keep termites away from your home or business in the Midwest!