How Often Should My Home Be Treated For Termites in Illinois and Indiana?

How Often Should My Home Be Treated For Termites in Illinois and Indiana; Anderson Pest SolutionsUnfortunately, termite treatments are rarely a one-and-done process. Even if termite treatment doesn’t need to be administered repeatedly, it needs to be checked to ensure it’s still effective. For that reason, termite treatment is often an ongoing method to keep you termite-free in your home or business.

Some termite treatments, including liquid termiticides, are known to last for nearly a decade. Bait stations are regularly monitored, which helps to ensure their long-term effectiveness. No matter the treatment type, annual inspections are the key to ensuring termites are not around and that all treatments remain effective.

When Should My Home Get Termite Treatment?

Your professional termite exterminator will work with you to determine the best time to get your property treated for termites. They will also determine when your property needs to have more treatment. In any case, regular inspections or visits from a professional can help ensure that treatments remain effective throughout the year.

How to Keep Termites Away Between Treatments

Even if your home has protection in place against termites, it’s still important to implement preventative measures yourself. Some of the ways you can ensure termites sty away for good include:

  • Eliminate sources of standing water in or near the home.
  • Keep piles of lumber or firewood away from your property or stored above ground.
  • Regularly inspect your deck, patio, or outdoor furniture for signs of damage.
  • Remove decaying trees and branches in your yard.

How Often Do I Need Termite Treatment?

Even if you think your property is safe from termites, a regular visit from your local termite exterminator won’t hurt. Annual inspections or visits ensure all treatments are working properly and no signs of termites are found. Contact Anderson Pest Solutions to learn more about treating your Illinois or Indiana home for termites!

How Often Should My Home Be Treated For Termites in Illinois & Indiana?

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