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What yellowjackets look like in Illinois & Indiana - Anderson Pest SolutionsHaving wasps around can be a fearful experience for many. When spring comes back around and the wasps come back out again, our eagerness to get outside can be hampered by their ominous buzzing and the threat of their stings. Although they are important members of our ecosystems here in Illinois & Indiana, contributing to plant growth and insect population regulation, letting their numbers grow around your home can lead to health risks and an unsettling environment. If you’re wondering how to get rid of wasps, read on to learn from the experts at Anderson Pest Solutions!

How to Get Rid of Yellowjackets Naturally

Yellowjackets are the most common wasps here in Illinois & Indiana. They have caused problems for many of our customers by nesting on their front porches, under their roofs’ eaves, and in their yards. If they come back to your property year after year, there are some natural prevention methods you can take to end this cycle. These are a few ways that you can prevent yellowjacket nests from developing on your property in the first place:

  1. Look for entry points: Look around your attic, roofing, basement, and other parts of your home for openings to close off that could invite in wasps to nest.
  2. Use wasp deterrents: You can place aluminum foil, spray a vinegar solution, or rub surfaces with a bar of soap to prevent wasps from nesting there.
  3. Get rid of food sources: Wasps are most interested in foods that are sweet and high in protein, so make sure not to leave out fruit, soda cans, meats, or other food waste.

How to Get Rid of Yellowjackets Safely

While there’s plenty that you can do to prevent wasps, removing them safely is a different beast. While some might try to get rid of wasps with vinegar solution sprays or even handling them with protective gear and trash bags, we don’t advise this. It’s important to remember that the safest way to get rid of wasps is to hire a professional. Here is how we recommend you proceed if you find wasps:

  • Don’t touch their nest: Wasps are easily agitated and will team up to sting potential threats to their nest.
  • Leave the wasps alone: When you swat at a wasp, they will release a pheromone that signals to other wasps that a danger is present.
  • Call a wasp nest removal team: A professional pest control company will have the skills and experience necessary to remove wasp nests on your property swiftly and safely.

Wasp Removal in Illinois & Indiana

It’s important to protect yourself and your family from wasps when they develop nests on your property. Their nests can contain many more individuals than you’d imagine, and they are all willing to sting to defend themselves. Anderson Pest Solutions is proud to serve Illinois & Indiana with safe and effective wasp pest control services. Reach out today for a free quote!

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How to Get Rid of Wasps Serving Illinois and Indiana

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