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How Do I Get Rid of Black Ground Beetles?

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Black ground beetle sitting on a stick in Illinois

Even if you’re unfamiliar with ground beetles, you’ve probably encountered a few during your lifetime. They’re a very common pest in Illinois and Indiana. While they may not be a big problem out in your yard, they can be a major nuisance should they sneak indoors. If you are struggling with a horde of black ground beetles, keep reading to learn the best ways to keep these pests out of your space.

What Is a Ground Beetle?

Black ground beetles are a member of the Carabidae family and are one of the most common beetles found across the United States. These beetles live in a variety of climates, from deserts to high mountains. They have an elongated, flat, and black-colored body with wings – however, they are unable to fly. Ground beetles are also predatory and feed on other insects such as aphids, grubs, insect larvae, and worms. 

Are Black Ground Beetles Dangerous?

Black ground beetles are not considered harmful to humans, pets, or structures. They do not carry any diseases and are not known to bite, though they may pinch the skin if mishandled. Additionally, ground beetles do not cause damage to personal property by staining or chewing holes through materials. 

Though discovering a beetle or two isn’t anything to worry about, an infestation can still be a major nuisance. These pests may not be dangerous, but it’s never pleasant to keep finding bugs in your home or business. 

Tips for Getting Rid of Black Ground Beetles

Thankfully, these beetles typically stay outside and rarely reproduce indoors. However, come late summer or fall, they may slip through small cracks to access dark and sheltered areas of our homes. If you have an excess of ground beetles on your property or keep finding them inside, follow these tips:

  • Seal entry points that could lead inside
  • Avoid placing mulch right next to your home
  • Stack firewood at least 10 feet away
  • Keep your landscaping neat and tidy
  • Avoid bringing potted plants inside
  • Turn off your porch lights in the evening
  • Clean out dead insects from your yard or basement

Beetle Exterminators in Illinois and Indiana

Getting rid of black ground beetles can be a challenging task, especially if you have a large population living in your yard. However, with the right help, these pests can be a thing of the past! If you are struggling with an infestation and can’t seem to get rid of the ground beetles, give Anderson Pest Solutions a call. Our team has decades of experience serving Illinois and Indiana, and we strive to deliver quality pest control with fast, long-lasting results. We offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure our services exceed your expectations. To schedule your appointment, give us a call today!

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How Do I Get Rid of Black Ground Beetles? Serving Illinois and Indiana

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