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When To Call A Beetle Exterminator

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When to Call a Beetle Exterminator - Beetle Exterminators at Anderson Pest Solutions in Indiana and IllinoisAre beetles infesting and damaging wood and wooden objects around your home? Is their hunger for ash, oak, hickory and walnut costing you a lot of money in damages? Are they hiding inside of your home in your carpets, book bindings, and fabric furniture? Have you been fighting the good fight against pest infestation to no avail? If so, it’s probably time to contact licensed exterminating professional.

Indoor Beetle Infestations

Different types of beetles can infest the interior and the exterior components of your home or business. Certain wood-boring beetles can cause damage that is second only to termites, causing millions of dollars worth of damage in the United States every year. Some beetles prefer to live inside of your home, snacking on improperly stored food items, book bindings, fabric furniture, and the like. If you believe that you have an interior beetle infestation and have already done a thorough cleaning of the affected areas, and have disposed of infested items such as clothing, drapes, rugs, and the like, but are still experiencing issues with beetles in your home, it is recommended that you contact an extermination expert.

Outdoor Beetle Infestations

If you are having problems with wood-boring beetles and have disposed of any infested lumber or wooden objects but are still seeing signs of infestation such as fine sawdust on or beneath wood, and present exit holes, it is likely that you need the assistance of a licensed exterminator. If an infestation is extensive, it is possible that fumigation may be necessary to rid your property of pests, a process that is best handled by a licensed extermination professional.

No matter what type of beetle you find your home or business infested with, our extermination experts at Anderson Pest Solutions will work with you to find the treatment plan that you are the most comfortable with and is most compatible with your business or home.

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When To Call A Beetle Exterminator Serving Illinois and Indiana

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