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Summer is here, and ants are back out in plain sight. Over the winter, they have a lot of difficulties finding proper food sources. More motivated than ever, ants are on the hunt for food and water, and they’ll look for it in your home if you’re not careful!

It is possible to have a summer free of ant problems if you take the right precautions. Learn all about preventing ants this summer with the Anderson Pest Solutions technicians’ expert advice!

How Do Ant Infestations Usually Start?

An open food source can lead hordes of ants into your kitchen. Once they find accessible food, they release a pheromone signal that tells the other ants in their colony to follow them. From this point, the trail of ants will form and continue to build until the food is depleted or the ants are wiped out. Some foods that ants commonly covet are:

  • Meats
  • Bread
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Sugar-filled sweets

All of these foods (and the rest of your food, for that matter) should be stored away and sealed in airtight containers. Even when you stow your food away, though, ants can still make their way in on the lookout for a meal. Ants often enter houses through:

  1. Cracked plumbing fixtures
  2. Gaps in wood paneling or brickwork
  3. Holes in foundation
  4. Ventilation systems, and more

What Can I Do to Prevent Ant Infestations?

Keeping your kitchen and bathroom clean are two crucial steps to ant control. Seal and store your food when not in use, and clean your dishes and spills promptly. The best cleaning products for ants use a vinegar base or a lemon scent. A properly ventilated bathroom can reduce the risk of excess moisture attracting ants, too.

If you’re still facing ant issues in a clean house, check the exterior of the building for easy ant access points. Close off any gaps along the outside of your house or inside along the baseboards. Check for cracks in your plumbing fixtures and seal them. Additionally, keeping your trash bins as far away from the house as you can will lessen the chances of them making it inside.

Need Professional Ant Control This Summer?

It can be quite difficult to stop summer ant infestations on your own. If you feel that you’ve exhausted all of your DIY ant control measures, tell your local pest control company about your problem. The expert ant exterminators at Anderson Pest Solutions have many years of experience wiping out ant infestations in Illinois & Indiana and are prepared to quickly and safely solve your problems. Reach out today for a free quote!

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