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This season, Anderson Pest Solutions is eager to guide you through a mesmerizing natural occurrence that’s catching the eye across Illinois and its surrounding regions. We’re on the edge of a unique natural event, where echoes of history blend with today’s world through the captivating chorus of cicadas. This event offers a golden opportunity to delve into nature’s rhythms and cycles. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of cicadas, from their remarkable life cycles to their environmental impact, and learn how we can coexist peacefully with these incredible insects.

The Rarity Of This Event

2024 stands out for the concurrent emergence of two cicada broods in Indiana and neighboring areas, an event unseen for 221 years and not expected to repeat until 2245. Running from mid-May through late June, this period provides a special chance to witness these extensive broods emerge together.

Cicada Basics

Cicadas spend the majority of their life underground, coming to the surface only to mate, which signals the end of their lifecycle. These insects, whose life spans can be either 17 or 13 years, engage in synchronized emergences, creating a symphony that defines the summer. It’s rare for more than one type of cicada brood to appear simultaneously. 

Why Is This Important?

Cicadas, though not a threat to humans, can have a significant impact on young vegetation due to their large numbers. Gaining knowledge about their effects allows us to safeguard our foliage with minimal reliance on pest control interventions.

Is Cicada Extermination Needed?

There is no need for extensive cicada extermination. Anderson Pest Solutions recommends simple yet effective methods, like placing netting over young plants, to protect them during this remarkable natural event.

An Unusual Aspect: Cicada Fluid Dynamics

A less-known but fascinating aspect of cicadas is their powerful urine ejection. Feeding on the xylem from trees and plants, cicadas can project fluid forcefully, a contrast to other xylem-feeding insects that expel urine in mere droplets. This action, powered by their significant consumption of xylem, could lead to unexpected showers from above during the cicada season.

Looking Ahead

The cicada emergence this year is more than just an intriguing event; it’s a moment to ponder the complex and rhythmic nature of our world. It’s a chance to gain insights from a phenomenon that links past, present, and future, deepening our connection to the natural environment.

Anderson Pest Solutions wants to highlight the ecological significance of this cicada emergence, underscoring the harmony between humans and insects. For advice or assistance related to the Cicada phenomenon or any pest-related issues, feel free to contact us.

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