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Many people are wary of bees because of their painful stings. If you’ve ever been bitten by a wasp or stung by a yellow jacket, you probably tend to avoid anything black and yellow that flies.

There are a few species of bees, however, that either don’t sting at all or are much less likely to be provoked. So, if you are concerned that you have a carpenter bee problem at your house, should you be worried about them stinging you?

When Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

If you’ve seen some bees with shiny, black bodies flying around the roof or windows of your home, they’re probably carpenter bees. In most cases, carpenter bees will not sting you. Male carpenter bees are actually incapable of stinging – they don’t possess a stinger at all.

Female carpenter bees will sting, but only when they feel seriously threatened. If you swat at or step on a female carpenter bee, there is a chance you’ll be stung. Both males and females will aggressively protect their nest when it is encroached upon, but the males’ only method of defense is their intimidating appearance.

Are Carpenter Bees Bad?

One common fear that some people share is that carpenter bees will seriously damage the structure of their home. The reality is that the damage that carpenter bees cause will be largely superficial unless you allow a population of them to grow in your home for years.

Carpenter bees are also important pollinators. Contrary to what many believe, carpenter bees don’t actually consume the wood that they chew through to make their homes. Like other bees, they sustain themselves on a nectar-based diet, pollinating plants as they go.

Although they play an important role in their local ecosystems, having too many carpenter bees around could result in window sills, porches, roofs, and railings that look a little worse for wear.

Carpenter Bee Removal

If you’re tired of carpenter bees damaging your home, reach out to your local pest control experts. Here at Anderson Pest Solutions, our bee removal specialists are trained to quickly and safely remove carpenter bees from the tunnels they’ve bored into your house. Contact us today for a free quote!

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