Smell Ya Later: Getting Rid of Stink Bugs in Chicago

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You may have had unwanted visitors this year. They’re ugly, they smell, and they sometimes bring hundreds or even thousands of friends. Who are these social pariahs? They’re known as brown marmorated stink bugs, and they’re driving Chicago, IL residents crazy. Anderson Pest Solutions explains why you’re seeing so many of these bugs lately – and how to get rid of them.

About the Marmorated Stink Bug

This type of stink bug is more invasive than the standard stink bugs native to the U.S. The marmorated variety made its way onto our shores in the late ‘90s via Asian cargo. First appearing in the eastern part of the country, it began showing up in Illinois in 2009. It turns out our climate provides perfect living and breeding conditions for this bug, which grows to about 3/4″ long and has a six-legged, hard brown body in the shape of a shield.

Why The Marmorated Stink Bug Is Considered a Pest

Marmorated stink bugs are harmless to people and animals. Their only defense is the coriander-like odor they use to ward off predators; you’ll only notice a smell if you handle or corner a stink bug. However, they wreak havoc on agricultural crops by piercing produce and extracting its juices. While they don’t damage homes’ structures, their size, smell, and numbers can be more than a little unsettling. A marmorated stink bug invasion can include thousands of these pests at one time.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

During the fall, warmth-seeking brown marmorated stink bugs cover the walls of countless homes in Chicago, IL. Like many other pests, these bugs enter the home via torn screens, gaps around entryways, air vents, and window air conditioning units. Caulking or repairing potential points of entry helps prevent infestations. Use a shop-vac or vacuum cleaner to eliminate stink bugs already inside your home. If they return, call in a team of pest control professionals to treat your home’s perimeter.

They may not be dangerous to your family or pose a financial threat like some pests. But anyone who’s faced a house full of marmorated stink bugs wants them gone immediately. Our tips will help you prevent a future infestation, and help is here if you’re already in the midst of a current stink bug invasion. Anderson Pest Solutions treats homes and businesses in Chicago, IL, so call today for a free quote.

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