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Does Overwatering Your Lawn Attract Mosquitos?

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Watering an appropriate amount is one of the key factors in the health and beauty of your lawn. Water too little and the grass will die. Water too much and the excess moisture can attract mosquitoes and cause lawn diseases. Read on to find out how proper yard maintenance can help you keep mosquitoes away and keep your lawn healthy. 

Mosquitoes and Moisture

Your lawn and mosquitoes have something in common. They both need a damp habitat.

Mosquitoes require abundant moisture to live and reproduce, so a lawn with standing puddles and pools can lead to an infestation of these pests. An oversaturated lawn can also allow a thick layer of thatch to form, which protects mosquitoes and other insects from sunlight, predators, and even some pesticides. With proper maintenance and irrigation, your yard will be healthier, more enjoyable and it’s less likely mosquitoes will take up residence. 

Signs That You’re Overwatering

Watering your lawn too much can cause more problems than just mosquitoes. Excess water stunts root growth and fosters the spread of fungus and disease.

Here are three ways to tell if you’re overwatering:

Soggy Soil:

The so-called “step test” is a simple way to determine if your lawn is overwatered. Oversaturated soil will have a squishy or soggy feel. You can check your soil by stepping on your lawn in multiple places (provided you haven’t watered very recently). If it’s squishy in all or most of the places you step, the lawn is oversaturated and should be watered less.

Weed and Fungus Growth:

In a properly watered yard, patches of mushrooms and weeds will be rare. Watering your lawn in excess can aid the growth of fungus and weeds which may attract insects. If you notice weeds or mushrooms sprouting in your yard, it may be a sign that you need to water less.


Sometimes soil can be completely saturated. This means no more water can be absorbed. This water becomes runoff that strips the lawn of important nutrients, which are carried away to the sidewalk or street. It’s important to be aware of this scenario. If it’s happening to your lawn, your grass will be more prone to disease, insect invaders, fungi, and weeds.

How do I Prevent Mosquitoes?

Avoiding overwatering is a key step for preventing mosquitoes from living or breeding in your yard. Daily watering is probably not needed, even in hot, dry weather. The ideal amount of water your lawn should get is 1 – 1.5 inches per week. That equates to about 30 minutes of irrigation, three times per week for 30 minutes each day.

Experienced Mosquito Exterminators

Even if your yard has no standing water, you can still have mosquitoes. If they’re preventing you from enjoying your yard, the exterminators at Anderson Pest Solutions can help. Our pest control technicians will find the source of the mosquitoes, eliminate them and help keep them away. We’ve been providing pest control in Illinois and Indiana since 1913. Contact us for a free quote!

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