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The Great Lakes are an amazing collective resource for Wisconsin and the rest of the region. Lake Superior and Lake Michigan supply parts of the state with diverse wildlife, recreational opportunities, and even drinking water. Unfortunately, the many benefits we experience also come with a price. If you own a home near a Great Lake or just vacation here, it’s obvious that mosquito control is a must.

Great Lakes Mosquito Habitats

You’ve probably heard that mosquitoes are attracted to pools of water. These insects are not drawn to lakes or other moving bodies of water, however. Instead of making the waters of the Great Lakes their home, mosquitoes gravitate toward the shoreline. There, the two mosquito types make use of the land and water in their own separate ways. Permanent water mosquitoes lay eggs atop the surface of water at the edges of the lakes. Moist soil along the banks is the preferred egg-laying spot for floodwater mosquitoes.

Mosquito Dangers

Malaria, encephalitis, and the West Nile and Zika viruses are some of the common threats posed by mosquitoes. Although fewer than one percent of the population experiences serious health problems from the West Nile virus, it produces symptoms and other discomfort in many victims. As of July 2017, 27 counties in Wisconsin have reported West Nile Virus according to the Department of Health Services. The mosquito capable of distributing the Zika virus was recently discovered in the state as well.

Mosquito Prevention

Pest control experts recommend prevention as the first line of defense. Since mosquitoes can lay as many as 300 eggs at once, depriving them of unnecessary water sources on your property is a good mosquito control strategy. If you’ll be outdoors for any length of time, make yourself less of a target by reducing your use of fragrances and wearing a DEET formula. Sweat draws these biting bugs, so bring disposable wipes or a cloth. Additionally, while mosquitoes typically use their sense of smell to find you, dark colors – black, navy blue, and red especially – are easier seen by mosquitoes and tend to be more attractive to these blood-suckers.

Prevent the Itch; Call in Anderson Pest Solutions

Whether spreading disease or simply causing discomfort for unsuspecting Wisconsinites, mosquitoes certainly earn their bad reputation. From protecting yourself while outdoors to making your property less attractive to these pests, it’s a good idea to use every mosquito control method available. Protect your household by contacting your local pest control professionals.

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