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Summertime in the Midwest is the peak of pest season! Although ants are a problem year-round, they tend to make their way indoors this time of year more than ever. If you’ve dealt with ants in your home before, you likely never want to have to deal with them again. Once inside, they can be difficult to get rid of as they spread from your kitchen to your bathroom or from your windowsill to your bedroom. To avoid the frustration, it’s important to learn how to prevent summertime ants. The team at Anderson Pest Solutions has the experience knowing how to control ants and is here to share expert tips on how to keep them out in the first place.

What are the Common Summertime Ants?

There are many types of ants–the United States alone has more than 700! Thankfully, there are just a few you’re likely to encounter in or near your property. It’s important to know which type of ant you’re dealing with in order to better prepare yourself for how to get rid of them. A few of the most common types of ants you’ll likely encounter in our area are odorous house ants, carpenter ants, and pavement ants. For help identifying them, it’s always best to enlist the expertise of an exterminator.

Preventing Ants in 5 Steps

Ants can be ruthless and the infestations never-ending, making it important to know how to keep them out in the first place! To prevent ants, try the following tips to keep them out:

  1. Keep a clean home. Sweep your floors regularly to get rid of crumbs. Ants are attracted to sugary food sources and a few crumbs will keep them coming back for more.
  2. Store away food. Avoid leaving food out uncovered. Keep food in airtight containers or store them safely in cupboards and fridges.
  3. Seal entry points. Ants can crawl through the tiniest of cracks. Inspect your property and use caulk to seal any gaps, holes, or potential entry ways.
  4. Get rid of excess moisture. Areas with standing water or leaks will attract ants quickly. Attend to broken pipes and clean up spills quickly.
  5. Trim back trees and vegetation. Plants close to your home can encourage ants to come in. Make sure tree branches, shrubs, and bushes are trimmed away from the perimeter!

What to Do About Your Ant Problem

Preventing ants may be more difficult than you think. If you’ve done all you can to keep them outdoors and still have them coming inside quickly, it’s time to contact a professional ant exterminator. Our team is committed to keeping ants out of your property in the summer and all year long. Contact us today to learn more!

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