Four Visits a Year Keeps Your Home in the Clear

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Variety of wasps sitting on nest

Insects and rodents can threaten your health, the structural integrity of your home and your peace of mind. Illinois is home to many pests, and they’re active at various times of the year. At Anderson Pest Solutions, our experts offer two programs to keep your home, family and pets safe year-round. Our Natural Choice Home and Natural Choice Select programs both include quarterly inspections and environmentally responsible pest management.

Natural Choice Home vs. Natural Choice Select

Our Natural Choice Home program is focused on prevention through careful monitoring and maintenance treatments throughout the year. The plan covers more than 40 different kinds of pests including rodents, carpenter ants, most spiders, ground beetles, grain beetles, fleas, hornets, silverfish, roaches, bees, centipedes and many other crawling, flying and biting insects. The Natural Choice Select program covers all of the insects covered in the Natural Choice Home program, and it also includes the Sentricon System to protect against termites. Sentricon is gentle to your home and the environment, but it’s so effective that it’s trusted with some our nation’s most important landmarks including the White House and the Statue of Liberty. Both programs also include our service guarantee. If you experience a problem between quarterly visits, we’ll come back as often as needed at no charge.

When to Schedule Illinois Pest Control Visits

Keeping your home free of pests requires a strategic, year-round plan, so scheduling treatment dates carefully can have a big impact on results. A visit in February will help you avoid emerging subterranean termites, ants and stinging insects like bees. During your spring visit, our exterminators will seal potential entry points and apply a residual barrier around the perimeter of your home to prevent infestations of exterior pests. We’ll also conduct a thorough inspection to detect signs of pest activity. At the start of summer, we renew your exterior treatment to manage mosquitoes, wasps and other exterior pests that become active in the warmer months. As soon as temperatures begin dropping in September, many pests begin entering homes and buildings to over-winter, so this is a good time to schedule your fall checkup. Peak indoor rodent activity occurs in winter, so it’s wise to plan your winter visit in December before the busy holiday season. Winter is also a perfect time to eliminate over-wintering silverfish, spiders and other indoor pests. To learn more about our services and determine which program is right for you, contact one of our experienced, highly trained exterminators today.