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As summer starts to wane, people begin looking forward to their kids going back to school, mild days, and last but not least, a reprieve from summer pests. Unfortunately, the end of summer is not the end of pest season; instead, you may find there is an uptick in pests during the late summer months. Many pests become more active in late summer. Some pests will become more active in August and September as their population grows or as they search for shelter and food to help them survive the cold fall and winter months. 


As temperatures begin to slowly drop, signaling the nearing end of summer, rodents such as house mice and Norway rats will start looking for shelter and food to last them through the cold winter. If you do not want to host rodents over the holidays, inspect the exterior of your home for any holes or cracks where a rodent could enter, store food in airtight rodent-proof containers, and regularly check for signs of rodents in or around your home.

Stinging Insects

During the spring and early summer, stinging insects like hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps will establish new colonies and begin building their nests. By late summer, the colonies’ population has grown considerably, which is why you see more stinging insects more often in August and September-there are simply more around.  

Another reason you see stinging insects more often in the late summer is due to food scarcity. There are fewer flowers, insects, and other food sources; these flying pests may begin to crash your barbeques and invade your garbage cans in search of sustenance to last them the winter. 

Bed Bugs

Sometimes you don’t just bring home memories and souvenirs from your summer vacations. It is common to see an increase in bed bugs during late summer after people have returned from their summer travels. Bed bugs can be found in hotel beds or other places where people rest for long periods of time.  Before relaxing in your hotel room, check the mattress for signs of bed bugs such as tiny reddish-brown bugs, small black droppings, or blood spots from bed bug bites.


Many people enjoy the vast array of fresh fruit available in the late summer. The warmer weather causes those uneaten peaches and apples on your counter to decay faster, attracting tiny fruit flies. They can lay up to 500 eggs at once on a piece of fermenting fruit, which is why a fruit fly infestation can seem to happen overnight.

You may also find more flies buzzing around your home in late summer. When you open your doors or windows to let in a nice summer breeze, you invite common house flies into your home. Ensure all open windows and doors have screens to keep these flying pests out.

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