Winter Insects Are Coming: Anderson Has You Covered Year-Round

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The summer may have ended, but it doesn’t mean the end of stubborn outdoor pests. Even after the first big frost, some insects continue to thrive and are drawn to residential homes throughout Illinois. These bugs want a place in which to survive through the winter, and your warm home acts as the perfect sanctuary for all types of overwintering pests. Anderson Pest Solutions has more about some common pests to watch for this time of year.

Overwintering Insects in Illinois

Insect overwintering is similar to animal hibernation. While some pests die off in the winter, others crawl into tight spaces and emerge again in the spring. Some of these insects may also get into attics and increase in number throughout the winter.

Box Elder Bugs

When box elder bugs get indoors, their feces can stain the furniture, the walls and other surfaces. These bugs have black, elongated bodies with red eyes and are seen around indoor plants and in areas with a lot of moisture. They will congregate on the sun-facing exterior walls in the fall and overwinter in cracks between the siding.

Cluster Flies

Just when you think all the house flies have disappeared, a cluster fly emerges out of nowhere and slowly flies from room to room. You can easily recognize cluster flies by their large bodies, sluggish movement and overlapped wings; they also tend to cluster together at the windows as a way to get warm. Cluster flies typically overwinter between your home’s interior and exterior walls and sometimes seek refuge in the attic or the basement.

Asian Lady Beetles

Asian lady beetles look similar to native ladybugs. However, the Asian lady beetle has an orange-colored body with more white on its cheeks compared to the ladybug. Sometimes referred to as the Halloween lady beetle, the Asian variety often gets into homes during October in preparation for overwintering.

Anderson Pest Solutions Eliminates Overwintering Insects

You don’t have to share your home with overwintering insects. An Anderson Pest Solutions exterminator will inspect your home and property and apply EPA-registered material as way to reduce infestations in the fall. We’ll give you a full report on how to protect your home and also provide pest control services for treating and preventing overwintering insects. Contact us and schedule an appointment today.