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The Dangers of Cockroaches In Your Home

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The dangers of Cockroaches in your home by Anderson Pest Solutions in Illinois and IndianaWhen it comes to household pests, cockroaches might be at the very top of the list of being the most dreaded. Aside from being a fearsome thing to behold when spotted inside, they can cause significant damage to your property and its contents. Additionally, cockroaches are also behind something much worse that can affect you or your family directly: allergies.

The Dangers of German Cockroach Infestations

Perhaps the biggest threat German cockroaches pose to your home or business is due to their incredibly quick reproductive abilities. Because each fertilized female can produce four to six of these egg sacs in their lifetime, German cockroach populations can explode out of nowhere. Though they’re more terrifying in large numbers, even a single roach can be dangerous. Because they tend to hide in kitchens and other food prep areas, German cockroaches can be a serious health hazard. They can easily transfer harmful bacteria from filth to the food you eat, which can trigger symptoms much like food poisoning in humans. Your best course of action is to keep up a rigorous sanitation effort: no filth, no roaches; no roaches, no disease.

Health Risks Caused by Cockroaches

Cockroaches, in general, are also infamous for triggering asthma and allergic reactions in people. When roach nymphs shed their exoskeletons as they grow, those exoskeletons become dry and brittle. Small bits, along with cockroach feces, can become airborne and produce respiratory issues when inhaled. This is especially troublesome for children living in urban areas with unchecked cockroach infestations.

Professional Cockroach Extermination and Prevention

Because cockroaches can cause a raucous in your home and especially because they can cause allergies, it’s essential to control an infestation in its early stages. A professional cockroach exterminator who uses the best pest control solutions is your best bet for eliminating these allergen-producing pests without further damage or complications. At Anderson Pest Solutions, we’re proud to use effective and safe solutions to control cockroach infestations. Call us today to learn more!

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The Dangers of Cockroaches In Your Home Serving Illinois and Indiana

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