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Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Home

Serving Illinois and Indiana

Keeping cockroaches out of your home by Anderson Pest Solutions in Illinois and IndianaA cockroach infestation can be the worst nightmare of any homeowner. In addition to simply being unsightly, cockroaches transmit a number of allergens and diseases, are notoriously difficult to control, and can cause damage to your property. Seeing just one cockroach in your home is often a big indicator you already have many more. Learn how to prevent a single cockroach from ever making its way inside your home!

Preventing Cockroaches in Your House

In order to keep cockroaches away from your home, it’s necessary to implement proper preventative measures that will make your home less attractive to infest. Cleaning and proper food storage are absolutely essential to keeping your home roach-free. Some tips for keeping cockroaches out of your home include:

  1. Eliminate their food sources.
    • Roaches are attracted to fruits, vegetables, crumbs, and garbage. Make sure to keep food in sealed contained, garbage tightly sealed, and all pet food stored with tight-fitting lids.
  2. Properly clean up your space.
    • If you’ve made a mess cooking or eating with your family, it’s important to be prompt to sweep, mop, or clean anything that has fallen onto the ground.
    • Make sure that you wash your dishes or get them in the dishwasher immediately after you eat. Leaving dirty dishes out is another cockroach invitation.
  3. Eliminate their hiding spots.
    • Spend some time cleaning up cluttered piles of newspapers and any other potential roach habitats.
    • Get rid of any cardboard boxes or old grocery bags. Any warm, dark place is attractive to roaches.

Pest Control from Cockroach Exterminator Experts

Midwestern residents from all walks of life and in every neighborhood can experience cockroach infestations. Getting rid of an infestation is especially challenging when multiple households are involved. Additionally, improper roach control methods can cause these pests to scatter and avoid the treatments. Eliminating infestations requires the cooperation of every individual residing in a home—everyone must work together to keep the home clean and sealed to prevent these pests. That said, cockroach infestations are tricky to control and almost always require the trained eye of a pest control expert. With the help of a professional roach control company like Anderson Pest Solutions, cockroaches can be a thing of the past.

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Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Home Serving Illinois and Indiana

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