What Attracts Mosquitoes?

When reproducing, mosquitoes will look for places that provide them with standing water. This means pools, ponds, marshes, playsets, and more areas that could be right in your backyard are potential hot spots.

When looking to feed, mosquitoes are attracted to your blood, your scent, your breath, and even your blood type! It is still a mystery why some people tend to be preferred by mosquitoes over others, but they will gladly feed however they can.

What Attracts Mosquitoes in Illinois and Indiana; Anderson Pest Solutions

Why Are Mosquitoes on My Property?

Mosquitoes seek out areas with standing water. In the spring and summer in Illinois and Indiana, mosquitoes could be found in a number of locations in your yard. Mosquitos will commonly gather near bird baths, gardens, ponds, playsets, pools, spas, gutters, and more. They will happily lay their eggs anywhere that they find still water. Mosquito populations grow largely in the warmer parts of the year, which is when you’ll likely see an increase in their numbers in your yard.

What Draws Mosquitoes to Humans?

We all know someone that’s a “mosquito magnet” – you may even find yourself particularly pestered by them. It still remains a mystery why some people are more likely to be chosen than others, but there are three main factors that attract mosquitoes:

  1. Blood. We all possess the one thing mosquitoes need to survive: blood! Mosquitoes pierce our skin with their proboscis to draw blood. But are mosquitoes more attracted to people based on blood type? Researchers have demonstrated that individuals with Type O blood may be more susceptible to bites than those with other blood types. In addition, scientists have concluded that genetic make-up can play an important role in making someone more prone to mosquito bites.
  2. Breath. Female mosquitoes have long antennae and organs that are able to keenly identify carbon dioxide, which is produced when people exhale. A high concentration of carbon dioxide can be detected by mosquitoes from over 150 feet away. This is usually the means of initial attraction to nearby humans.
  3. Scent. Research has shown that mosquitoes are more attracted to certain scents. Substances like lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia released from the glands in your skin can invite mosquitoes. People that perspire more or have a higher internal temperature are attractive to mosquitoes. Wearing floral fragrances and perfumes can also be an appealing signal.

What Attracts Mosquitoes in Illinois and Indiana?

If your yard has become a haven for mosquitoes and someone in your family is a known “mosquito magnet,” the warmer months can become quite the ordeal. Always contact a mosquito exterminator to examine your yard for potential breeding grounds before mosquito season each year.