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How to Get Rid of Woodlouse Spiders

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How to get rid of woodlouse spiders in Illinois and Indiana - Anderson Pest SolutionsIf you think you’ve spotted what looks to be a brown recluse spider, you may be in luck—it could very well actually be a woodlouse spider. Named after the woodlouse, its prey, the woodlouse spider is known for feating on woodlice (also known as roly-polies, pillbugs, or sowbugs). Although these woodlouse hunter spiders aren’t as dangerous as the brown recluse, they’re still a pest that few people want to deal with. The experts at Anderson Pest Solutions are here to share everything you need to know about how to get rid of woodlouse spiders in your Illinois or Indiana home—read on to learn more.

How to Identify the Woodlouse Spider

Woodlouse spiders are often confused with brown recluses because of their shape. However, they have a few distinguishing features that will help you tell them apart:

  • They possess a distinct cream-colored abdomen.
  • Brown recluses have longer legs, and woodlouse spiders’ legs are orange instead of brown.
  • Woodlouse spiders’ heads are more of a deep red than the recluse’s brown head.
  • Woodlouse hunter spiders are slightly larger in size.

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Are Woodlouse Spiders Poisonous?

These spiders may appear menacing with their large protruding fangs, but they are more harmless than you think. If handled, the woodlouse hunter spider may be capable of inflicting a bite, but they do not possess venom that poses any danger to humans. These spiders are not aggressive and will not bite unless they’re threatened or handled. A woodlouse spider bite is less painful than a bee sting and, for the most part, does not cause any medical problems. The most common symptom when people have been bitten by this spider is slight itchiness at the site of the bite. As with all spiders, it’s imperative to seek help from a medical professional if you experience any concerning symptoms.

How to Get Rid of Woodlouse Spiders Near Your Home

If you find woodlouse spiders in your home, there is no cause for alarm. What this means is that you either have an excess of clutter in your home or yard, or there is an active woodlouse population on your property. Here’s how to get rid of the woodlouse spiders in or near your property:

  1. To keep them outside, make sure that any cracks or crevices in the structure of your house are sealed, your ventilation systems are working properly, and there are no large gaps around your doors and windows.
  2. Avoid moisture. These spiders are attracted to areas with high humidity, making your basement appealing. Promptly fix any leaks and consider using a dehumidifier in your property to ensure proper moisture levels are maintained.
  3. Clean up your yard. With a preference for rotting vegetation and wood, make sure to maintain your yard to keep these spiders from settling in. They tend to hide under rocks, logs, and near trees.

Need Help Getting Rid of Woodlouse Hunter Spiders?

When it comes to dealing with spiders, it’s important to be cautious. While most spiders are harmless and want nothing to do with you, they can occasionally bite. At Anderson Pest Solutions, our spider control team knows how distressing spiders can be—especially for those who fear these pests. If you need help identifying a woodlouse spider or need tips on getting rid of them, contact us today!

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How to Get Rid of Woodlouse Spiders Serving Illinois and Indiana

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