Are Kissing Bugs Dangerous?

Despite their name, kissing bugs are anything but romantic. These tiny pests are notorious for leaving tiny bites on people in the middle of the night – typically around the mouth area, hence [...]

What Happens to Pests in the Fall?

Everyone knows pests run rampant during the summer months, so what happens to pests in the fall? As the weather begins to shift into the cooler months, many summertime pests will die off. [...]

Coming in from the Cold: Overwintering Habits of Illinois Pests

It may not feel like it in the upper Midwest right now, but summer is quickly coming to an end. For many, this is an exciting time of year: The days get shorter, leaves turn wonderful colors, and [...]

Wasps! What Are They Good For? (Absolutely Something)

We’ve previously written about the movement to save important pollinators like bees, and maybe that article caused you to think twice about breaking out the insecticide in your Illinois garden. [...]

Fighting Back Against Mosquitoes in Illinois and Abroad

Summer is in full swing, with people in Illinois and all over the country getting outside and soaking up some sun. Unfortunately, with the arrival of warm weather comes one major downside: [...]

The Buzz About Saving the Bees (and How You Can Help)

You’ve probably heard there’s a movement to “Save the Bees.” But the reason for their dwindling numbers is more complicated than just the use of pesticides. A new [...]

A Closer Look at Ancient, Amazing Ants

Most Illinois residents see ants so frequently that we rarely give them any thought unless they become a nuisance and force us to call for pest control. But, if you take a closer look at the [...]

Down on the (Ant) Farm: Fun with Formicariums

The ant farm is a piece of pure American nostalgia straight out of the back pages of a Boy’s Life magazine from the 1950s. Back then, these types of at-home science experiments were all the rage, [...]

Long Live the (Ant) Queen

Illinois has plenty of ants to go around. When you find a tiny army invading your home, knowing a few essential ant facts – and enlisting Anderson Pest Control – will greatly help your pest [...]

What’s the Science Behind Lab Rats?

Much has been made about scientific studies using laboratory rats and mice for testing before using humans. Everything from children’s books and films to common slang references these furry [...]

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