How Often Should I Get My Home Inspected For Termites in Illinois and Indiana?

How often should I get my home inspected for termites in Indiana and Illinois; Anderson Pest SolutionsFor the best protection against termites, it’s smart to get a termite inspection once a year from a professional pest control company.

Whether you’re living in a brand-new home or one that’s been around for a century, termite problems can arise out of nowhere. Ignoring annual inspections can allow an infestation to begin and get worse in your home over time. By getting a professional termite exterminator to check your home every year, you can rest assured knowing that any early signs of termites are found and you won’t discover a severe infestation down the road.

Termite Inspections in Illinois and Indiana

Here in the Midwest, home and business owners should aim to get inspections from a pest control company once a year. Older homes do tend to be more at risk for termites, making it absolutely essential to not only stay vigilant about inspecting your home yourself on a regular basis but also get a professional’s opinion every single year. This is the best form of termite infestation prevention!

How Do I Look for Termites?

Between inspections from a professional, there are several signs of termites you should keep your eye out for. As soon as you notice any of the below signs, it’s time to call a professional termite exterminator:

  1. Swarming termites: Keep an eye out for swarming termites, which look like flying ants and are seen in the spring and summertime.
  2. Discarded wings: Swarming termites shed their wings after establishing a new colony, indicating termites are nearby.
  3. Termite droppings: Also known as frass, termite excrement looks like little wood pellets that are the size of coffee grounds.
  4. Mud tubes: Finding these mud highways in soil near a wood source around your home is a likely sign you have termites.

How Do I Get a Termite Inspection in the Midwest?

If you work with a professional pest control company such as Anderson Pest Solutions, you can rest assured that you will be protected from termites all year long. Regular visits and inspections are the best way to stay safe from termites!

How Often Should I Get My Home Inspected For Termites in Illinois & Indiana?

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