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It can get pretty cold in Illinois as the winter settles in and blankets the state with frigid temperatures, snow, and ice. These harsh conditions make the residents here uncomfortable and also create a hostile environment for rodents. This time every year, rodents seek shelter in businesses from Alsip to Winnetka, making pest control a high priority for business owners from now until spring.

Why Businesses Need Rodent Control in Winter

Not all businesses are the same. While some cater to patrons and serve high volumes of delicious food, others provide rest for the weary after a long travel. Businesses also range in size, from smaller mom-and-pop stores to larger companies with a hundred employees.

Furthermore, not all employees are the same. They have different levels of hygiene and conflicting views about how to keep their workstations clean. When businesses have poor sanitary practices, it can lead to rodent infestations and worse problems down the road.

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Business

Clean up the workstation before leaving.

You don’t have to ban snacks and lunches at employee workstations, but your employees shouldn’t use their workspaces as kitchens. Time is short, and sometimes employees have to eat and work to get everything done before they clock out for the day. If they eat at their desks, have them clean up everything before leaving. Empty wrappers, old soda cans, and trash bins pile up after a while and can attract mice and other pests. Cleaning up every day will prevent any nighttime lurkers from sniffing out employee garbage and making a mess in the office.

Empty the trash bins regularly.

When trash sits for an extended period, it breaks down and releases a foul scent. Rodents pick up on this odor even before people can smell it, giving them even more, reasons to venture into your business and loot the trash bins. Though you don’t have to take out the trash every day, it’s important to empty the bins regularly, especially if they’re filled with food scraps.

Clean out the office refrigerator once a week.

Those leftovers in the office refrigerator can attract rodents even with the door closed and lids covering the food. Rodents have an amazing sense of smell and can focus their sniffs in the same way that people focus their eyes. In addition, it’s a good habit to clean out the fridge once a week if you want to prevent a lingering odor and to keep rodents and other pests out of the break room.

Invest in routine pest control.

Some companies wait until they have a rodent infestation before taking action. When it comes to rodent control, taking a preventative approach is key. Professionals can identify entryways that go unnoticed and seal cracks and crevices that pests use to sneak into businesses. They can also recommend effective solutions for removing existing pests and preventing future infestations.

When nothing you do seems to keep rodents out of your business, Anderson Pest Solutions has you covered. We serve businesses throughout Illinois and offer Natural Choice Commercial services for eliminating rodents while reducing or eliminating the need for toxic pesticides. We also focus on prevention, keeping your business free of rodents for now and beyond the winter season.

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