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Village Hall, Lincolnshire, Illinois


Each year, Lincolnshire, IL brings high notoriety for two summer festivals: the Lincolnshire Art Festival and the Taste of Lincolnshire. They’re opportunities for residents to get out of their homes to experience food and art in the community. Among the reasons to venture out and enjoy the warm weather and activities shouldn’t be to escape from home pest infestations. Anderson Pest Solutions serves greater Illinois, including Lincolnshire, and we want you to enjoy your time in this northern Chicago suburb without the burden of pests.

We cover a variety of pests that roam the region, including some of the most common ones in ants, stinging insects, and mosquitoes. Our methods focus not only on ridding your property of these pesky critters, but also preventing their return in the future. Education is a big part of what we do, as we want our customers to know how to be pest-smart. For more major issues, though, we offer pestfree365, a year-round service that defends against 36 different pests. With this program, we’ll make sure you can enjoy a pest-free home in Lincolnshire, IL.

Lincolnshire headquarters several corporations and boasts a variety of prosperous industries. Sometimes, pest infestations develop in local workplaces, thus creating the need for commercial pest control. Luckily, Anderson also offers a plan specific to businesses with our Natural Choice® Commercial program. Take back your workplace with our preventative strategy and eco-friendly approach. Anderson serves businesses in Lincolnshire with dedication and care, as we know how important a pest-free environment is to the success of your company.

Make Mosquitoes History in Lincolnshire, IL

These buzzing pests will not only ruin your outdoor plans, they’re also one of the most dangerous insects in North America. Mosquitoes can carry many different types of blood-borne diseases like dengue fever and malaria, and are responsible for the recent spread of the West Nile and Zika viruses. Scientists still don’t know why some people end up bitten more than others, but instead of gambling on your family’s safety, it’s better to keep them as far away from your home as possible. Unfortunately, even a teaspoon of standing water is big enough to contain up to 200 mosquito eggs, so if you want to get serious about mosquito control, you need to call the experts at Anderson Pest. Our expert technicians will eliminate mosquitoes where they live and breed in a way that is safe for you, your family, and the environment.

Why Choose Anderson?

All our pest control services in Lincolnshire, IL are performed by our trained and certified technicians and backed by one of the strongest guarantees in the industry. Whether you choose us for residential or commercial pest control, you can expect the same courteous service, quick response time and effective solutions we’re known for. Our GreenPro certification means you can feel confident our pest management solutions will be safe for your family, your pets and your property, as well as the environment.

Anderson Pest Solutions is a full-service pest control and wildlife removal company. For effective and environmentally responsible solutions to all your pest issues in Lincolnshire, IL, schedule service now, call us today at 866.696.2847, fill out our Request Service form online, or send an e-mail to