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1. How To Prevent Bed Bugs in Illinois and Indiana »

In order to prevent bed bugs, always take precautions when traveling and bringing used or old items into your home.

prevent bed bugs

2. How To Prevent Bed Bugs In An Apartment »

In an apartment building, bed bugs spread easily from one unit to the next. To prevent this, cover your mattress and report any early signs of bed bugs to your property manager.

Prevent Bed bugs from spreading in apartment complex

3. How To Prevent Bed Bugs In Dorm Rooms »

Student dorm buildings are prime targets for bed bugs! To prevent infestations, inspect secondhand furniture and rooms for bed bugs before and after moving.

prevent bed bugs in dorms and dorm rooms

4. Can I Prevent Bed Bugs Naturally? »

Although all-natural methods can’t control an infestation, they may help prevent them in the first place. Common methods include diatomaceous earth and essential oils.

All-natural bed bug solutions

5. Can I Prevent Bed Bugs When Purchasing Used Furniture? »

Bed bug infestations are often tied back to infested secondhand furniture that is brought indoors. Before buying pre-owned items, thoroughly inspect them!

bringing bed bug infested second hand furniture into your homes

6. How To Prevent Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Home »

Traveling leads to bed bugs when people stay in infested hotels and bring infested luggage home! Always stay vigilant about getting bed bugs while traveling.

To avoid bringing bed bugs inside, check for signs of bed bugs while traveling

7. Can Pets Spread Bed Bugs? »

Bed bugs do not have any interest in latching onto or feeding on your cats or dogs. That said, it’s important to check your pet’s beds for signs of bed bug infestations.

check your pet’s beds for signs of bed bug infestations.

8. How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Spreading in Illinois and Indiana »

To keep bed bugs from spreading throughout your property, it’s important to avoid moving infested items through your property and to wash items carefully.

Preventing bed bugs from invading your home

9. Does Anything Keep Bed Bugs Away? »

Your best defense against bed bugs is knowledge! It’s important to know the signs of bed bugs, be cautious when traveling, and to keep a tidy home!

Prevent bed bugs from infesting your home in Illinois and Indiana

10. Who’s at Risk of Getting Bed Bugs in Illinois and Indiana? »

No one is immune to getting a bed bug infestation. People who have traveled, live in apartments or dorms, or have bought used furniture are especially vulnerable.

Preventing bed bugs from invading your home

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