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Can I Prevent Bed Bugs When Purchasing Used Furniture?

Many people unknowingly bring bed bugs into their homes when they buy used furniture that is infested with bed bugs.

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Three ways to prevent bed bugs in infested furniture:

  1. Inspect all items you buy.
  2. Never bring in free furniture from the curb!
  3. Avoid buying secondhand furniture altogether!



How to Check Used Furniture for Bed Bugs

It happens to everyone—you’ve fallen in love with a vintage piece of furniture. But how do you make sure it’s not infested? There are several things to look for in used pieces:

  1. Look for small black spots or blood stains This is a top indicator of bed bug activity as it is a result of their feeding or feces.
  2. Always check the undersides and cracks of tables, shelves, bed frames, and other furnishings.
  3. Inspect in furniture joints, seams, creases, crevices, cracks, voids, and more. They’ve even been known to hide in screw holes, making no place too odd for them to harbor.
  4. If you see anything suspicious, don’t take the risk, and leave the furniture at the shop. Always tell the store owner if you see live bed bugs!

How Common Are Bed Bugs in Used Furniture?

Of course, not all used furniture secretly harbors bed bugs. People all around the country buy secondhand furniture that is completely safe and bed bug-free. However, many people will donate furniture from a past bed bug infestation or get rid of furniture in the midst of an infestation. When buying used furniture, it’s simply best practice to be extra cautious and inspect the furniture thoroughly.

Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Secondhand Furniture?

If you found a piece of second hand furniture that is infested, it’s important to let the seller or store owner know. While some may offer refunds, it’s ultimately up to the store owner. If you’re wishing to salvage the piece of furniture even with bed bugs, it’s best to consult a professional on the best way to get rid of the bugs. Never bring in a piece of infested furniture before having it treated properly!

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