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Do I Have to Throw Out My Bed Bug Infested Mattress?

It is important to not throw away your bed bug-infested mattress. Doing so can be risky, as it can contribute to the spread of bed bugs in other rooms during transport!

Do I have to throw out my bed bug infested mattress? Call Anderson Pest Solutions in Illinois and Indiana

Instead of throwing your mattress away, implement the following measures:

  1. Take off all the bedding and linens, and wash them thoroughly in hot water.
  2. Do not move the mattress or box spring to another area. Removing them can spread the bed bugs.
  3. Hire a bed bug exterminator to treat your home (mattress included) with heat or steam.



Why Can’t You Throw Away Your Mattress?

When you discover bed bugs, throwing away your mattress or box spring will not solve the problem. The bed bugs are likely in other spots beside your bed, meaning the infestation can’t be controlled by just tossing your bed. If you get rid of your mattress or replace it for a new one, chances are your brand-new bed will get infested, too! This is why it’s so important to treat your entire home for bed bugs for bed bugs, not just certain spots.

Do You Need to Throw Away Other Furniture?

Bottom line, no items should have to be thrown out during a bed bug infestation. With proper treatment, all items should be able to be salvaged. Instead of throwing out clothing and bedding, it’s recommended to wash them in a hot water washing machine. High heat will kill bed bugs in all stages of life. Every piece of furniture in your property should be receptive to heat and steam treatments. That said, if you already have old furniture in need of replacing, a bed bug infestation would be the perfect excuse to invest in new items! Simply remember to only dispose of furniture after it has been treated.

Can Bed Bugs Infest All Types of Furniture?

Bed bugs can be unpredictable and may hide in areas you would not expect. Obviously bed bugs can infest upholstered furniture, but what about wooden pieces? Unfortunately, bed bugs are known to hide in cracks and crevices, even in your wooden coffee table or chair! Just as with your mattress, it’s important to not throw out your household items in the midst of an infestation. Always wait until the infestation is completely controlled.

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