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How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Spreading in Illinois and Indiana

If you found bed bugs in one room in your home, you’re going to want to prevent them from getting into other areas of your home.

When to call a residential bed bug exterminator from Anderson Pest Solutions in Illinois and Indiana metros and surrounding areas
To prevent bed bugs spreading throughout your property:

  1. Do not move or throw out infested furniture.
  2. Be cautious when bringing infested bedding to the laundry room by using plastic bags.
  3. Clean up clutter and vacuum your property regularly and thoroughly.



Can Bed Bugs Spread in Your Home?

Bed bugs may be slow crawlers, but they can still spread throughout your property. This usually happens when infested mattresses, box springs, furniture, suitcases, clothes, and other items are moved around. Bed bugs can travel from one room to another, or even from one unit to another, through common walls, ceilings, pipes, telephone cables, doorways, and more. If you find bed bugs in one room, you want to prevent spreading them as much as possible by getting an exterminator to help as soon as possible.

Do Bed Bugs Reproduce Quickly?

Compared to some pests, bed bugs do not reproduce as rapidly. Bed bugs typically lay anywhere between one and 12 eggs in a day. From there, the eggs usually take about 10 days to hatch, followed by up to six weeks before the larvae turn into adults. Because they can go unnoticed for some time, a small bed bug problem can seem to grow rapidly without you ever noticing.

Stopping Bed Bugs From Spreading

If you have found bed bugs in one area of your home, it’s important to get treatment right away. When transferring clothes or bedding to the washer, always transport them in plastic bags. Resist the urge to move or throw away infested furniture. Doing so can certainly bring bed bugs into other rooms of your home, making the infestation worse.

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